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Spineopedia Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to be the most comprehensive online community devoted to the collection and dissemination of high quality, evidence based research findings, and unbiased study reviews related to spine care, while fostering transparent, open scholarly discussion amongst spine care professionals to improve treatment and outcomes. Spineopedia is a resource intended to enhance decision making by both spine providers and consumers.

The Spineopedia Score represents a modern review of the top cited historical and contemporary spine studies: How good is the evidence?

Featured Spineopedia Reviewed Study

Magnetic resonance imaging of the lumbar spine in people without back pain.

This study published in 1994 was similar to that of one of the most widely cited studies looking at the presence of abnormal findings on MRI scans in asymptomatic patients by Boden et al (1990).    Jensen et al evaluated the lumbar MRI scans of 98 asymptomatic volunteers and 27 patients that were symptomatic with low […]


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