The Spineopedia Score

The Spineopedia Score has been developed using a proprietary methodology of critically evaluating a published study. It is intended to serve as an objective view, limiting publication, personal and commercial biases. The Spineopedia Score was developed by a practicing orthopaedic spine surgeon in conjunction with an allied health professional who has an advanced background in clinical research and public health.

The Spineopedia Score is produced from a multi-person review and encompasses the following quality assessments:

The Spineopedia Score ranges from 1 to 20, with 20 representing the highest score possible. Published works that are considered systematic or conceptual review cannot receive an quantitative score and will be denoted with a “?” for the Spineopedia Score.

As a point of reference, a Spineopedia Score of at least 12 can be categorized as “good” when considering the overall value of the study, while a score of 16 or greater would be considered “excellent” overall.